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  1. Hi, This is an old issue, that I posted sometime ago on this forum... When you define a file to be deleted in Custom list, CCleaner delete it the first time, and then if it doesn't found that file anymore, it delete the file definition itself in the Custom window too, so if we have a program that recreate the file sometime in the future, CCleaner will not delete it, and you will need to define it again and again in the custom window. Please keep custom file definitons in the Custom list. Btw, adding selective deletion by mask (eg: *.gif or *string*.*) in Custom Folder for more precise file deletion will be a great feature to add too. Thanks for this great program. Best regards.
  2. Currently when CCleaner cleans a file that is in the custom files litst, if the file doesn't appear anymore in the system, then CCleaner remove the file item from the custom files list. Just imagine that I want to delete a file that it's created for a program, only when you run it, and you don't use it every day, the first time CCleaner does the job, the second time it detetcs that the file doesn't exists anymore, but someday you run the program and it creates the file again, then you need to add the file to the custom files list again. That's my suggestion. Greets.
  3. I think that I can illustrate it best with a real example... 3DS Max creates some kind of "*.log" file into your C:/ directory (or anywhere you want), ok, it's created each time you open and then close 3DS Max, I don't want that file and I always delete it manually so I would like that CCleaner deletes it for me automatically... ok... CCleaner 1.24.180 does that... but only one time, then the reference to the file in "Custom Files and Folder to Clean" list disappear, so I think that is useless... CCleaner should keep the file reference and check each time if file exists and deleted it. Hope it helps. Best regards.
  4. It's completely useless the way it currently works, in fact, where is the difference between delete the files using explorer or using CCleaner?. Custom file deletion should keep the list of files to delete, if not what kind of advantage it gives? I can't understand. Thanks in advance.
  5. First of all thanks for this great piece of code, it rocks! Here is my two cents... - Custom Folders options should include file deletion by mask (ex: delete all *.log files from folder C:\anyfolder) or let you delete concrete files (something like Custom Files), support for delete subdirectories would be great too. By the way it seems that you can specify a root unit (C:/ D:/ etc) this is a problem, for example, 3D Studio Max, Fair Use Wizard, etc, creates .log files in root, and I want to delete it automatically in each boot, why CCleaner can't do that?. - Registry Search option, so you can find in the registry for one or multiple strings (separated by ";") and all the results will be displayed in a list that you can use to analyze/delete/backup all those registry entries (something like RegSeeker by Hover, in fact I'm currently using both CCleaner and RegSeeker just because I use a lot to clean my registry the registry search tool). Hope you take in consideration my suggestions. Thanks anyway. Bye!
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