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  1. hi ! on all my windows10 pcs: clicking ccleaner icon --> programm starts = 3-5 seconds ?
  2. hi ! on all my win10-systems (pro versions) ccleaner startup takes 3-5 seconds from clicking the icon until ccleaner pops up ? regards Kurt
  3. i followed your suggestion and deleted the (empty) recycle bin running ccleaner after that it shows no files to be deletetd in recycle bin but after some hours, same 'problem' occured again -- ccleaner shows up non existing files within the recycle bin running ccleaner as an Administrator sometimes helps to make the 'problem' disappear -----------------
  4. hi mta ! as i told before, my recycle bin is not corrupted - its empty after running cclaner nevertheless ccleaner displays same files to be deleted again and again - see sccreenshot in my last post so your link does not help because recycle bin is emtpy and there is nothing to delete - even not manually ------------------------ please see same problem - posted by SMFletcher91 on November 21
  5. my recycle bin is not corrupted after ccleaner running its empty (checked with hidden files and systemfiles visible) but running ccleaner again immediately all the erased files again appear in the list of erased files - i can reproduce that effect as many times as i want...
  6. hi ! running ccleaner Shows a lot of data that were erased - but running it again immediately same data in (windows) recycle bin are shown as been erased again - and again and again....but recycle bin is empty at that Moment the attached screenshot shows the result after running cclaner 3 times - always the same numbers... this bug exists since a series of Releases Kurt
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