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  1. I love CC Cleaner and I use the free version. For anyone that wants the benefits of the PRO version's capability to clean the browser cache at each close, try Firefox or Chrome extension "CLICK AND CLEAN" - it will run CC Cleaner every time you close your browser and clean your cookies/cache/whatever you require. Just install and configure the plugin - install, click program icon, check field that says 'run this program automatically each time the browser closes' (it should already have CC Cleaner listed), and make sure CC Cleaner settings are configured to your liking to clear cookies/cache or whatever you want. *someone mentioned that Webroot's Window Washer used to do this. CC Cleaner and Click and Clean will do the same job! Enjoy. . However, I completely agree that Piriform does NOT make the differences between the Free and Pro versions very clear - obscuring this information makes them look shady, when in reality this is a very reputable company with an excellent product. I would strongly recommend they fix that. They mention that "complete cleaning" is one of the benefits of the PRO version which is NOT available in the free version. They do NOT explain what this means and therefore look rather like they are trying to hide something or appear to be doing something useful (when they aren't). My understanding is that the free version and pro version have the following differences: -real time monitoring -automatic updates -scheduled cleaning tasks -live piriform support I hope that is it??!! -str8arrow
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