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  1. I exchanged the PC for another and it still 120º mobo, i think speccy doesn't support my mobo
  2. The pc is cold, and yesterday was turned on all night, in the BIOS on the health section, the system temperature is 40º more or less and cpu tmp the same
  3. I tried other programs and all give me 120º on the mobo temp...
  4. Hello, I bought a new computer yesterday and when i install speccy for the first time, the motherboard temperature was between 120-123ºC, my PC is a Medion akoya p5321 e, the other items were always between 25-35ºC. what can i do? i'm going to go to the shop for a exchange. Temperature in the BIOS are: system temperature 30-40º and cpu temperature 30-40º. Thank you guys
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