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  1. From both CCleaner website and FileHippo when using the GUI updater. 5.38 and 5.39. Firewall notification. When running installer; first TCP PING command runs, then CCleaner Installer attempts connection, then CCleaner Emergecy Updater attempts connection. After installation; when CCleaner GUI is opened, a UDP connection attempt is made. I have disabled CCleaner Updater and deleted the Updater executable and it continues to attempt UDP connection.
  2. Why, whenever I click the Run Cleaner button on the GUI, does CCleaner want to make an internet connection?
  3. So, since no-one replied, I solved it myself.
  4. @DONM, At least it completes for you. I never finishes for me, and causes my rig to hard lock.
  5. So, if I am the only user, then nothing additional?
  6. Does not wipe free space completely, that is. I have two 960EVO nvme in RAID0. Using wipe free space stops before completion. CCleaner causes the PC to lock up, forcing hard reset. At most, it sometimes reaches 70%, most often it stops around 25% - 30%. W7U x64 SP1.
  7. Pro "Cleans Everywhere Even places other cleaners can't reach". Like where, for example?
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