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  1. I read the above link. Thank you. The article did not mention this specifically, but based on what the article did say, perhaps I have these Roaming files because of a computer share? Meaning where I have remotely let someone else take over my computer in order to assist me with something. Also, I had 2 laptops crash this spring. My new laptop has all from previous laptops transferred to it. Would these possible computer share files transfer with data to my new laptop? All transfers & shares were done by professionals. Some of these files I have accessed recently & some not in a long t
  2. Yes, That is what I mean. Some of mine that came up that way under "Analyze" are photos, documents & even tax files.
  3. Hi, Could someone please explain to me what "roaming" means when it comes up in listed file results when running "Analyze". This has come up when Analyzing: Recent Documents, Applications, Office 2013, Picasa 3 & Google Toolbar IE. "Roaming" comes up in files I would Not want to delete & also haven't used in quite a while. Thank you.
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