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  1. I agree with this. I said a few years ago that Defraggler was way too slow for a HDD defrag. You need to leave it running overnight and set the auto "shutdown after completion" option. If you compare it with other programs they defrag so much quicker and I haven't had any problems with them. So it leads me to wonder if I am really getting a much better result with Defraggler ? It seems like it definitely could do with some speed optimization in it's next update.
  2. Don't worry - it will be fixed by 2021.
  3. Seems like the Defraggler Admin Team are the only utility writers who don't know how to identify a SSD drive versus a HDD or appreciate that it should be on top of their priority list and before "buy donuts for morning tea". No other utility makers seem to have this problem. I await the update. It has only been four and a half years so far !
  4. They have been aware of this for a ridiculously long time and as yet have done nothing. Time and time again Users bring this up and SFA is the answer. Time someone in charge of this company started looking around for replacements for members of the so-called "Dev Team" or should that be "No Dev Team" ? Doesn't inspire great confidence in a product when it can't even properly identify the type of drive it is about to perform some serious defragmentation on !
  5. I have a Samsung 960 Pro M.2 drive and after several months it is still not recognised as an SSD drive. It is not a new drive any longer and is a well-recognised brand name. What is going on at Piriform that they can ignore an issue that many have complained about and with other M.2 drives as well, Speccy can recognise as a SSD, they send screenshots and still Piriform fail to rectify it - do they not read these columns ? If so, what's the point in posting here ?
  6. CCleaner does not do what it promises to securely overwrite files in the recycle bin. If you are relying on it to obliterate your deleted files such that only the NSA can recover them then think again ! I have been using CCleaner for years under the mistaken belief that once it was run on the Recycle Bin and set to secure over write three passes in the settings things would be properly and securely deleted from all but the most experienced prying eyes. However I obtained a very basic freebie software program and ran it to scour the recycle bin after twice supposedly securely erasing the Bi
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