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  1. I tried taking screenshots but I just can't do it. I rarely get the button presses exactly right. Analysis completed. 428.38MB can be saved. Cache 6 apps, 900KB to clean It is selected. I did see a list of 6 apps, and the total looks about right. APK files 1 file 5.17MB to clean It is selected. I did see a list of 1 .apk of that size. Empty folders 15 folders It is selected Processes User 30 processes System 54 processes It is unselected Call logs 161 calls It is unselected SMS 86 messages It is unselected Manual cleaning apps Chrome Opera YouTube
  2. No. Or at least I never did anything with the intention of getting compression.
  3. Analysis completed. 377.78MB can be saved Cleaning completed: 7.98MB has been saved! From my free space available, the 377.78 looks about right. I have been through the 3 manual cleaning apps already, but I still get the same result. Is something locked? Probably not; I get the same result after rebooting the phone. So why can I not get the remaining ~370MB of savings? The phone is a non-rooted Galaxy S4 with Jelly Bean.
  4. I found a black swan problem. Fortunately, it should be easy for developers to address. x86 tablets do exist, but probably most Android x86 users are working with an ordinary desktop or laptop, and rotating the screen is impractical at best. I run Jelly Bean for x86 as a VirtualBox guest, and there is no provision for rotating the window. CCleaner starts up in portrait mode unconditionally, even if lock rotation is turned on. The screen and mouse remain in landscape mode, thus making the app extremely hard to use. Even after leaving the app, portrait mode remains in effect. At that poi
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