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  1. I've just completed degraggling and the Disk Health shows WARNING I've been unable to find any information about this in the Help Pages, so from Action on the Menu Bar, I selected Advanced and then Check Drive for Errors. This states that No major problems were detected. That presumably means there are minor problems. My question is what are these problems and what to do about them. Obviously this warning wasn't displayed for the fun of it.
  2. I strongly disliked Real Player Cloud which was automatically installed without being requested, and I went through the normal Windows process of deleting the program. Although the program was reported as having been deleted, it left many folders and files on my PC, of which only a few I have been able to get rid of. When I clean with CCleaner there are always some Real Player Cloud files on the ' to be deleted' list. The deleted program also lists RealPlayer Cloud as a computer drive (without an assigned letter) on Windows Computer window, and is listed as an option on many of the right-click menus of many programs. Real Player Cloud has obviously left a file that recreates the problems even after they have been deleted (where possible), hoping that I will reinstall it. Has Piriform got an answer for this annoying subject which really should be cleaned from my PC.? Keep up the good works.
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