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  1. Hi, I've been using CCleaner for ages and always with a good feeling. But I never had to restore a registry entry... Yesterday evening, I ran CCleaner to clean my registry. As usual, it saved a copy of my existing registry. But CCleaner obviously deleted my entries for Dragon NaruallySpeaking and also for my Plantronics bluetooth headset, that I had installed only recently. Both are now not working anymore! And I do need them for my work! When trying to restore the registry entries, saved by CCleaner before its more than thorough cleaning, I only receive the error message: Cannot be imported. Error accessing the registry - although I am the administrator! I cannot import my entries directly from the registry (regedit.exe), neither. This is outraging! What's the use of saving all these registry entries for years when you cannot restore them when you need it - precisely because CCleaner messed up my programmes? In view of what has just happened, I do suppose that it was also CCleaner that corrupted my HTC Synch Manager some while ago and God knows what else. I'd greatly appreciate some ideas how to restore my registry without restoring my entire system (Windows 7). Thanks a lot!
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