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  1. I've been wracking my tiny brain but cannot think of anything added/removed from the computer to cause this but I do tend to set programs to automatically update so am not totally aware of what goes on. Am off to right-click them away right now
  2. Thankyuou all I tried deleting singly but each just reappeared. This has never happene3d to me before and i am greatly reassured by being told I can simply ignore them .... much appreciated
  3. Thankyou for answering - and so soon. I will most certainly do as you ask but, before I do, can I ask how I first go about backing up the entry?
  4. I have Windows 7 Home Premium and have been using CCleaner for years with superb results. (I have never altered any settings within it) but I now have 40 entries in the Registry Editor that seem to be cleaned but instantly repeatedly return. There are 33 of these which vary toward the end of each line ... ActiveX/Com Issue - InProServer32/%SystemRoot%/system32/ime/mejp10/impjpapagi.dll all but the last three end in dll. The last two end in dec.ax and, at the bottom these 5 .... (each starting Missing TypeLib Reference) IRoamRemoteStore IRoamTokens IRoamLocalStore IRo
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