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  1. Thanks for your advice above. Apologies for delay in reply but I did not receive any email notification. I use the Chrome browser and occasionally Dolphin, the latter to give me access to Flash Player. I had decided to see what happened when cleaning and as you mentioned, there was no effect on my Bookmarks ... this was my major concern. Somewhere I also read that the Android cache should not be cleared because it can cause Apps to misoperate ... not sure if this is 'fact'? Under the setting 'Customise Analyses' I only analysed cache/clipboard/Google Play Search History. I will have a look at the others listed on a one-by-one basis to start with, just to see what may or may not occur.
  2. Thanks Dennis. I looked at this and tested one of the analysis but it just showed 'how much' and 'not what' was to be deleted. I will keep a lookout and post here if there is something of interest. Ron
  3. 181 views and no answers! I am hoping someone does know 'what happens' if ...
  4. When cleaning does this software first advise the proposed cleaning line-by-line prior to doing the actual 'clean' eg does it operate in the same way as in Windows where you can protect certain entries? If I clean the cache or browsers, does this delete saved Bookmarks? Thanks Ron
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