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  1. Hello: Several months ago I lost everything on my computer...a disaster of herculean proportions. The story is a diatribe to relate, so I will simply state that my neglect in backing up with Culprit #1 and the tech team I hired to delve in found everything and then promptly deleted years of documents, pictures, emails, soup-to-nuts...the so-called "real" software tech allowed the hardware guy to do all the work, unbeknownst to me! Okay, so today I've done scans and picked up bits and pieces that I am happy to receive, most of the rest understandably overwritten...but better some than none. My very basic question is, what do I do with the several hundred thousand that are in the red that I want to delete? Also, when I close the program, will have that has been found stay filedl within the program? Now, I have to pick file by file, in this instance, .jpg files, wherein a good amount will be worthless.... Thanks!
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