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  1. That looks like that... I've tried the "normal" setup and it gave me an error at install...
  2. Thanks, but sadly it doesn't help. The dll are "registered" silently but ccleaner.exe won't run...
  3. Hi ! I'm testing CCleaner Portable (the version from Twisted Metal, but I've tested the other one too and the result is similar) and can't launch it. When I try, I get this error message : Registring: CCHelper.ocx Failed! So I try by hand : E:\Apps\CCleanerPortable>regsvr32 /s CCHelper.ocx E:\Apps\CCleanerPortable>regsvr32 /s /u CCHelper.ocx And no errors (but it give no error at all in all case, even with a wrong name...) Can you point me where I'm wrong ?
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