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  1. Hello Recuva designers/users, So I have a problem that you guys may help me with: -I saved a file on a Windows machine and due to the fact that the system has Deep Freeze installed on it, the file is nowhere to be found. - I am not sure what Deep Freeze does exactly with the files(Deletes, formats? or something else?) but I thought I'd give Recuva a shot. II have previously used Recuva on my PC, quite successfully. -I ran normal scan and none of the results are in C:\users\[username]. I am expecting my file to be in C:/users/[username]/downloads but the only user-specific results that I get are from users\Administrator(something to do with Deep Freeze? maybe there actually never was a C:\users\[username]\downloads directory on disk?). -I then decided to run a deep scan, which took 1 hour for stage 1 and found over 5M files (it's a public PC) but would never move on to stage 2. My theory is that it had trouble with RAM, since I only have 4GB of it. So here are my questions: -Should I even try Recuva to counter Deep Scan's deletions/formats? It's been a week since my file was lost. A week with Deep Freeze means 7 reboots, at least. Deep Freeze restores the PC every time it reboots. (restoration =? deletion/format, not sure). -If I can, what should I do when it freezes at stage 1, wait for 1 hour or 2? or simply cancel? -Why am I getting files from Administrator only? as far as user-specific files go, I mean. There is other stuff as well, stuff that is not relevant for this particular problem. I need directions/opinions rather soon. Thanks.
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