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  1. I have been getting flags for a month or so when attempting to download ccleaner. I also use e-set smart security and it sends the toolbar directly to jail and does not pass go or collect $200. I am not to keen on having anything google installing on my machine. With all the secret data collecting by the government. I avoid anything that could possibly be used for that purpose. Piriform should make it known there is a toolbar bundled with ccleaner.
  2. Has anybody else recieved warnng message of possible threat when trying to install ccleaner. I have been informed that Eset is overly strict with installer bundling and flags because chrome is in set up file. if you have had this issue using ESET and it was resolved. I would greatly appreciate any information possible. Thanks in advance Here is what eset is flagging: Win32/bundled.toolbar.google.D potentially unsafe application
  3. Yes eset is up to date. Its smart security 7. Piriform official is where I have always gone for Ccleaner. No reason to use some other site. I will give it another shot. Thanks for replies
  4. I have been getting the same flag for nearly a month when trying to download Ccleaner. Here is a pic that shows the exact message. Dunno if this has already been addressed yet so I am writing this post to let others know.
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