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  1. I just got an email supposedly from CCleaner about whitelisting their domain. This needs to be done in an announcement on their website and not in an email. How do I know who the email is from. Not done very well. What is the story with "WHITELISTING THEIR DOMAIN"?????
  2. Good point. I didn't think of that. In that case do you no why these two debugging issues are checked in Internet Options > Advanced? Thank you, TomS
  3. I thought that, so I looked in the Task Manager to see what was running and the only Java I see is Java scheduling (jusched.exe at 1160 k Java Update). It doesn't look like that would be the problem. Does it?
  4. I agree. This fellow, Raymond, at Outlook.com support took a lot of time going back and forth with me trying to help. I believe the problem lies with the Microsoft email and Microsoft browser combination. I don't believe the IE browser on my computer needs to be reset as it works fine with everything else. Almost! It works fine with GMail. What is that all about???
  5. I tried this from Outlook support and the second option of toggling between the Beta and the older version seemed to have helped.
  6. Andavari, Also, they are changing Outlook.com. They have a BETA version that they want you to try and they give you the option to toggle between the Beta and the old version with a toggle switch at the top RH corner of the page. The problems seem to have started when they offered this. So the Microsoft email does not work in the Microsoft browser. The email works in other browsers. I don't have trouble with anything else.
  7. I agree but it seems to be only based with IE and Outlook.com email or to put it another way Microsoft browser with Microsoft email. It is not happening with anything else. What do you think of that? Thank you, TomS
  8. I have a Windows 7 SP1 with Internet Explorer 11 desktop. I use Outlook.com as my web based email service. Lately Outlook email seems to be running very slow and I keep getting a message at the bottom of the screen that says "Live.com is not responding due to long running script" with an option to STOP SCRIPT. If I do nothing the message goes away and everything is working. Slow. I don't seem to have any issues with any other service except maybe TWC (Weather.com) which always has run slow because of all the video adds trying to load. The Outlook email thing just started. I wrote to Outlook tech help and they said it seemed like my browser (IE) was unstable and they wanted me to reset it. I wrote back and told them I did not think so as I wasn't have trouble with anything else It seems their browser (Microsoft) does not run well with their email service. I see Microsoft is offering a Beta version of the new email which I declined. I have a suspicion it is the same old story with Microsoft trying to force you onto the new service. Has anyone had this experience or can you offer any suggestions. I notice in IE options there is an option about script debugging that is checked. I don't know what this is. I also notice that in doing a Google search a lot of people have had the same problem with the Microsoft email service. See the first Google search hit.
  9. I have been using CC Cleaner for years with great results but while asking a question in the Microsoft Community I came across this recommendation. Do any of you have any comments to share on this? It would be appreciated. I Xed out my name Thank you, TomS YOUR PROFILE | FAQ Hello XXXXXX XXXXX Your question on Microsoft Community has received a reply from Rob Koch. Title: Note about malicious software at the bottom of the MSE page? Reply Sorry Thomas, but CCleaner is a worthless toy at best and dangerous to your system stability at worst. Microsoft has recommended against the use of any registry cleaner for several years now, though some in the user helper community had been recommending against these for several years before that. Microsoft support policy for the use of registry cleaning utilities I had tried CCleaner myself in the past for the registry and found several items it was offering to remove that would affect the operation of the "Install on First Use" feature that was common to all Microsoft applications such as Office and many others from 3rd-parties as well. This isn't something that most consumers would recognize even if they saw it and removing these would break the operation of these additional application features if someone tried to use them. Those are the types of flaws that registry cleaners are typically full of and one of the several reasons that Microsoft doesn't support their use as listed in the document above. As for file cleaning, Windows provides the built-in Disk Cleanup utility that allows the PC user to remove the most common and helpful temporary, log or system files. Though some of these files will be automatically removed from a system after a period of time by default anyway, this utility allows them to removed immediately if desired. Disk cleanup in Windows 10 So though CCleaner is probably the most reputable of the programs claiming to do these things, if you'll read registry document fully and try the Disk Cleanup utility, you'll find that CCleanup is basically unnecessary and as with all registry cleaners, potentially dangerous. In fact, CCleaner specifically has a bad history of removing files that affect both Microsoft Security Essentials and Windows Defender in ways that make it appear to be malfunctioning, so I personally have little patience for those choosing to use it. I don't say that there aren't a handful of useful programs out there, but if most people would start by learning what's already built into Windows first and only then decide if they truly need something additional, they'd find they could avoid a lot of technical issues and potential grief from supposedly "free" software that of course really isn't today. Free today basically means at best that you'll be nagged to death by ads or pointless notifications trying to sell you something and at worst that other unwanted software (PUPs) or malware will tag along with it. Rob
  10. Augeas, I have version V5.16.5551 (64-bit) and I assume it is current. I do see when you right click on Cleaner, Windows and click on Restore default state that the WIPE FREE SPACE is not checked but on my CCleaner when I choose OPTIONS, BASIC SETTINGS TO CONTROL HOW CCLEANER FUNCTIONS there does not seem to be any option to click on anything to restore default settings. Restoring default settings in Cleaner, Windows does not change the settings in Options,settings. Under my OPTIONS, BASIC SETTINGS TO CONTROL HOW CCLEANER FUNCTIONS these functions seem to be selected by default Selected Secure Deletion Normal File Deletion Wipe Free Space Drives Local Disk (C:) Under this box there is a separate option Wipe MFT Free Space that is selected. I say these are selected by default because I certainly did not select them. Are you telling me these boxes should not be checked. I could uninstall and reinstall and see if they are still checked. The CCleaner on this computer runs fine. It was my other computer where Wipe Free Space under Advanced under Cleaner, Windows was checked that I discovered took forever as I did not notice the check mark in this box as I have to scroll down to see it. Thank you, TomS
  11. I will uncheck it. I did not check it in the first place. It was done by default. Thank you, TomS
  12. Hazelnut, I too have it checked by default and did not notice because you have to scroll down in the ADVANCED option to see that it is checked. I have CCleaner on two computers and it is only checked by default on one of them. The only reason I noticed it is because I just ran the clener on one computer and it was taking forever. Did not usually do that with the other computer. I did see that everything went fast till it got to WIPE FREE SPACE. Could not figure out what that was till I scrolled down in the advanced option and there it was right at the end. I also noticed as it was cleaning and Wiping Free Space the TIME LEFT was going up instead of down and it had a corresponding % that was going up. Very strange. You would think there would f been a notice of some sort. TomS
  13. I have CCleaner installed on two computers and I notice that I was just trying to run the cleaner on one computer and it was taking forever. I noticed under ADVANCED the WIPE FREE SPACE is checked by default so as it is running it says ADVANCED WIPE MFT Free Space - C Drive. The box is only check on one computer and not on the other. Can anyone tell me what the story is? What does MFT stand for? Do I need to do this WIPE FREE SPACE? Thank you, TomS
  14. So it looks like you can not do this with CCleaner? I believe Microsoft just started doing it with the disk utility clean up? Thank you, TomS
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