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  1. I do not believe I do as I have no idea what that is. However on this particular netbook (asus eee pc) I am using a free version, and upgrading means I will have to purchase the program (again). I rather keep free software on this one.
  2. Hello, Whenever I use the Ccleaner program my adblock on google Chrome gets removed and I have to manually re-install it. I have tried several adblockers from the chrome shop and each and every one of them is removed after using Ccleaner. Some info: Windows 7 starter, 32 bit SP1 Google Chrome 33.0.1750.154 m Currently using: AdBlock 2.6.26 Ccleaner v4.05.4250 Any info on how to prevent this from happening would be very welcome! I rather nog re-install my extentions every time I cleaned up my PC. Thank you!
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