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  1. Thanks so much for your help Alan.
  2. So, in the future, if I accidently delete a video I should run Recuva immediately before another file is created over the one I want to recover, correct?
  3. Augeas, Thanks so much for your help. My fault for not paying attention. I will try a deep scan and who knows? About how long for a deep scan and can the scan be aborted if need be? The hard drive has used 150mb out of 300. Rick
  4. Hi, everyone, Recuva can't find recent, accidently deleted avi files from a day earlier (5/15/2014). They were viewed with Windows Media Player, were stored in a folder on my 'c' drive, and came from a covert camera type item that is used in the warehouse of my company. They were deleted from Media Player with the option to delete from the Library Only or delete from Library and Computer and I accidenyly chose the latter option by mistake. I have Windows Vista 32bit system. Please help and thanks so much, Rick
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