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  1. Happy to report that it worked. I didn't have to reboot. Unchecked the 2 options, closed CCleaner, reopened CCleaner, rechecked the options, and it was back to normal. Thanks!
  2. All I can say is that: 1) I've been using the portable versions of CCleaner for years, and this was never an issue. 2) Maybe I am misunderstanding your remarks, but my recycle bin context menu options are in place. The problem is that when I try to "run" CCleaner from the context menu, I get the error message. If I operate it from the CCleaner folder executable, it runs normally. I just tried the same sequence of events on another Windows 10 computer, with pretty much the identical setup as the first computer. CCleaner was working from the context menu before I replaced v5.
  3. Firefox 67.0b13, Windows 10 Pro, CCleaner Portable versions 5.53, 5.55, 5.56 ______________________________________________________________________ All of a sudden, when I try to run CCleaner from the recycle bin context menu, I get this Perhaps it has something to do with being portable? I discovered it today after updating to v5.56. I tried to go back to the previous versions I listed above, which were previously working normally, but I'm still getting the same message.
  4. I just reverted back to CCleaner 5.53.7034. "Run Cleaner" has now returned to normal. Task cycles that took up to one minute with the latest CCleaner versions now only take a few seconds. So as before in 2014, it has nothing to do with a problem in my system or setup. Has nobody but me has experienced what I described? __________________________ Windows 10 Pro, Firefox 60 rc3
  5. I searched out the original thread I participated in on this subject back in October of 2014 Long task cycles - CCleaner Bug Reporting - Piriform Community Forums It took quite a while after that before the problem was solved. It had nothing to do with my system. It got ironed out in a future version, but not acknowledged as far as I know. I'm not on a network. No mapped drives. No antivirus, Windows Defender only. I use a portable version of CCleaner. The problem began immediately after I updated to the version before the current one. Everything was fine before that.
  6. Several years ago CCleaner was having a problem with taking a long time, several minutes or more, to complete a "run", or on occasion it would not complete the run at all. Usually this just takes a matter of seconds. The same thing started happening in the latest 2 versions of CCleaner. It does complete the run, but takes far to long.
  7. Is there a free version of 5.43 portable available anywhere? I can't find one. thanks
  8. I don't know about using the installer, but I use the portable version, and it works normally. No problems.
  9. "Skip User Account control warning" is selected, but not working for me in the latest portable version 5.35.6210. Perhaps I have done something wrong, but I followed the same straightforward unzip update routine as in the past which has always been successful. I like to revert to the previous version until this is resolved, but a search for one came up empty. Thanks
  10. I don't use any secure deletion. As best as I can tell, I have it on the simplest setting, as I always have I'll try wiggling the mouse, but its not that it doesnt close after finishing because when I hover over the systay icon, it's shows 26%, and never changes unless I just wait it out to the finish (or open the ccleaner interface), whereupon it it jumps to 100% I know with 100% certainty that there is no AV conflict.
  11. I'd really appreciaye it if someone would at least speculate a solution here. How do you explain CCleaner taking literally 20 times as long to clear my recycle bin as the recycle bin "Empty Recyle Bin" button. If I open CCleaner and run it internally, it is consideralbly faster. NIght and day. The time consumed for both methods does relate to the contents of the recycle bin, but the Windows default "Empty Recyle Bin" button method never takes very long, no matter how full the bin is. There is no exaggeration. My descriptions are accurate. My OS installation is clean and fresh,
  12. CCleaner Slim 4.17.4808, XP SP3, Firefox 32 and 33b, but I dont have ccleaner involved in any browser cleaning...in fact as far as "Run CCleaner" tasks are concerned, i really dont have it do much more than the minimum; clearing temp files, my recycle bin a few other small tasks. I am a long time user of CCleaner. I use CCleaner on a daily basis, usually several times. I was using CCleaner 4.16, but I just changed to "Slim" to see if it would help. It seemed better when the recycle bin is not real full, but I just tested it with about 4g in the recycle bin. I waited and waited while th
  13. For a while now I have noticed that ccleaner is taking an excessively long time to do complete a task, especially when part of the job is emptying the recycle bin. I am not interested in taking multiple passes to erase things...I just want everything deleted as quickly as possible. I have tried to adjust the settings accordingly, but it makes no difference. I can manually empty the recycle bin far faster than ccleaner currently does it for me. I dont remember it always being this way. Am I wrong?
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