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  1. Despite that all of these posts concerning System Restore points being deleted by CCleaner are pretty much old ( year 2009). Four years later ( current year 2013 ) I can tell you and everyone involved in this issue, that I installed CCleaner Professional latest version yesterday. It should be remarkably important to mention that BEFORE such installation was performed, I had been launching System Restore occasionally, and my computer had been doing just FINE. I never came across any problem. But yesterday, after I had installed CCleaner, I performed the FIRST cleaning with this tool. It did not only DELETE my System Restore points ( except the last one made automatically by Windows OS) but also ended up affecting the wireless signal sent by my Router to both my Desktop PC and my Internet Radio device which is located 5 yards away from my PC. My Internet Radio (I omitt its commecial brand because of courtesy) COULD NOT recognize the WEP Security Key as usual, nor did it my PC. I had to RESET my Router for wireless signal fixing purposes. CCleaner manufacturing people may have their own reasons. I do respect them. But at this time I'm afraid to say that I am almost 95% positive that it all comes down to CCleaner deleting Windows System Restore Points. So..... heeeeellpp!
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