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  1. OK... let me clarify a few things here to shorten this topic up a bit! I have several 64 bit Win 7 systems of my own along with numerous family members running various browsers including IE-10. This ONE instance happened on my son's laptop and I spent several days trying to figure out what was causing it, and please take note that I'm not a "newbie" at diagnosing hardware & software problems. I posted here to let any other poor souls that may experience this issue know the results of my findings. For the life of me I thought I was actually helping others by doing this, but by the looks
  2. @hazelnut, No, I don't have a licensed version and where in my posts did I say that I'm installing it on my client's machines? Between my own bench full of systems and family members that get their diagnostics and "tune-ups" for free I can easily account for 15 of them. I have always recommended to install and use the program regularly to everybody, what they choose to do is their business - not mine. The program certainly isn't any secret, I've never advised anybody with any computer knowledge at all to install and use it that hadn't already heard of it, but most of them were following
  3. Thank you for the welcome Derek891... This is my son's laptop that had the problem, it's almost 4 years old running Win 7 Ultimate and originally came with IE-8 installed. Yes, this is the same version but this identical installation pronlem also happened to him once fairly recently... but before he was able to bring it to me to diagnose the problem another version of CCleaner was released and it installed OK for him so it was just forgotten about. Let me clarify that I have several machines here, I'm a PC repair person by trade and this was the first time I've ran across this (which is
  4. I don't think this is a CCleaner bug per-say, I believe it's an IE-10 issue, but I wnated to post this info in case others encounter this problem. While attempting to upgrade CCleaner it would stop during the installation at the point you would normally choose to install the Google tag-along software or not. No error messages at all, it just stopped there and the "Install" button was inactive. After spending many hours in this forum looking for some help with this specific problem unsuccessfully I started trying different things until the problem was resolved. This was resolved by un
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