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  1. Yeah, don't worry about others processes, I already checked that millions of times... AMD FX-4100 Quad-Core @4100 MHz (oc)
  2. Hello, my hard drive is 30% full (arround 350 Go of space used), and you will be surprised to read this, but it takes way longer to defrag small files than large ones... By gaming machine, I mean that I have gaming components, but I have the same hard drive since 2 years. Defrag was way faster before the presumed update. I will test older versions, but it should be good if the devs could spend some times on the problem. Reminder : my hard drive is a Western Digital Caviar Black 1To 7200RPM and a Seagate Barracuda 500Go 7200RPM
  3. Hello ! Since whatever update, Defraggler uses a lot more CPU time (around 50% on a 4.1 GHz quad core CPU, but FX series so it's as if I had 2 cores) and is sloooooow.... So slow that it takes 8h to defrag 2Go of fragmented files. I did a defragmentation for the past night, and it only defragmented 2Go of datas, which was something like 4k fragments... I don't know why, but it's perfectly working (as fast as before) on my laptop HDD (Seagate Momentus thin i think), and is very very slow on my gaming computer (which has a WD Caviar Black 1To AND a Seagate Barracuda 500Go, both at 7200RPM) It uses 10x more CPU this computer than on my laptop (which is a 1.6 GHz dual core CPU). Can you tell me why ? PS : Sorry if I have a bad english... I'm french
  4. I'm equipped with a brand new Western Digital Caviar Black (1 To). The SMART values are correct, no problems with the disk. 42 days of "Power On". I'm using Windows 7 Premium and I already checked the disk with HD Tune Pro 5.50, it detects one unstable sector that I repaired (previous problem that I already solved).
  5. Wow since the last update, it defrag so slowly that it would take days to defrag the half of my hard drive xD No seriously, the last update didn't increased the defrag speed... But anyway, I suppose it's normal for defraggler to work like this, but I would like from them to add a "super-mode" where it defrag at the speed of light, with 100% of HDD usage xD EDIT : no, for real, after 5 minutes of quick defraging... It only degraged... 10 files oO ?? The heaviest is 52 kb...
  6. I'm referring to both regular and quick defrag. Defraggler stops CPU and hard drive usage until the next second, and then defrag 2 new small files, and then stops, then defrag, etc etc... I'll try to make a CPU & HDD usage graphic for the defraggler processus, and you'll see that defraggler stops "working" after defraging 2 small files for a second. I would like to add 2 things: the first one is that I'm french and I'm pretty sure I'll make mistakes in y posts Don't blame me, I'm always getting better in English. The second one is that Defraggler defrag these 2 or 3 filoes very fast, and disk and CPU usage stops. I don't know why, but sometimes (very rarely), it "chain-defrag" for a couple of seconds, defraging a hundered of files, and then continuing defraging 2 files in one single second, etc... PS : I know that defraging is defragmenting
  7. Hello all! I've used Defraggler for a while now as my main defrag solution. I have had and still have a question about defragmenatation of small files. When I want to defrag my hard drive, defraggler starts with the smaller files first (around 50kb) that are fragmented in 2 or 3 fragments. But It only defrags one or two files per second, and there are times when Defraggler doesn't defrag at all. I supposed that defraggler was acting like that to save hard drive usage too. I would like to know if there are any solutions for this, because the defrag process could be much faster without this problem. Thank you for futures answers !!
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