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  1. Finally got a log just after Speccy froze. It must have been frozen for a while but I closed the program when I did and got this log. [2013-07-13 17:17:48] [iNFO ] Settings::Load = 0 [2013-07-13 17:17:48] [iNFO ] AutoUpdate = 0 [2013-07-13 17:17:56] [iNFO ] Creating tray icon. [2013-07-13 17:17:57] [iNFO ] CPU SDK at: C:\Users\Liverpool\AppData\Local\Temp speccycpuid.dll [2013-07-13 17:18:00] [iNFO ] CPU dll init OK [2013-07-13 17:18:00] [iNFO ] CPUIDSDK v1010001(hex) [2013-07-13 17:18:00] [iNFO ] Procesor name from CPUid AMD K10 [2013-07-13 17:18:00] [iNFO ] RatedBusFrequency defined 1795.367 [2013-07-13 17:18:00] [iNFO ] Starting memory section analysis... [2013-07-13 17:18:00] [iNFO ] (FillMemorySlots) Checking smbios [2013-07-13 17:18:00] [iNFO ] (FillMemorySlots) MemoryArray memory devices = 2 [2013-07-13 17:18:00] [iNFO ] (FillMemorySlots) MemoryDevice slot size=4096 [2013-07-13 17:18:00] [iNFO ] (FillMemorySlots) MemoryDevice slot size=4096 [2013-07-13 17:18:00] [iNFO ] GetNumberOfSPDModules=2 [2013-07-13 17:18:00] [iNFO ] RamSize=8192 [2013-07-13 17:18:00] [iNFO ] FullRamSize=0 [2013-07-13 17:18:00] [iNFO ] Finished memory section analysis [2013-07-13 17:18:00] [iNFO ] Starting motherboard section analysis... [2013-07-13 17:18:01] [iNFO ] (FillPCISlots) SlotDes(J6C1) [2013-07-13 17:18:01] [iNFO ] (FillPCISlots) hr=0 MaxDataWidth=10 [2013-07-13 17:18:01] [iNFO ] (FillPCISlots) SlotDes(J8C1) [2013-07-13 17:18:01] [iNFO ] (FillPCISlots) hr=0 MaxDataWidth=5 [2013-07-13 17:18:01] [iNFO ] (FillPCISlots) SlotDes(J7C1) [2013-07-13 17:18:01] [iNFO ] (FillPCISlots) hr=0 MaxDataWidth=5 [2013-07-13 17:18:01] [iNFO ] (FillPCISlots) SlotDes(J8D1) [2013-07-13 17:18:01] [iNFO ] (FillPCISlots) hr=0 MaxDataWidth=5 [2013-07-13 17:18:01] [iNFO ] (FillPCISlots) SlotDes(J8B1) [2013-07-13 17:18:01] [iNFO ] (FillPCISlots) hr=0 MaxDataWidth=2 [2013-07-13 17:18:01] [iNFO ] Finished motherboard section analysis [2013-07-14 19:08:06] [iNFO ] Main::Destroy [2013-07-14 19:08:06] [iNFO ] Worker::Destructor
  2. The first time the problem arose there never was a log file. Next debug start there was though. I'll try to get a log file so that this can be identified.
  3. I followed your advice and restarted in debug; this time I enable HD logging. Later on, Speccy froze as it used to and couldn't be closed from taskmager. However, even after restarting, there was no log file in the install folder.
  4. I've been running Speccy in debug mode with only CPU, RAM, and motherboard checked. So far it's been about three days without any problems. If this proves to be an effective solution, I'll stick to this. Is there an easier way to have Speccy run for CPU, RAM, mobo without doing the command everytime? Thanks for the suggestions.
  5. Processor is AMD Phenom 3GHz 8GB memory barely using 25% most of the time. The memory is good and I haven't had a BSOD in about couple of months. No other software freezes on me to the extent that I can't end the process using taskmanager. I've tried running everything as administrator and still not able to kill the process. Tried Process Hacker and Process Explorer but they both give 'access denied' error. What I haven't tried is running Speccy as admin from the get-go. I wonder how much help that would be but I can try that to see if it does fix this issue. Thanks for responding and your suggestions.
  6. I'm using Speccy version 1.22.536 on Windows 8 x64. Speccy runs fine at times but freezes often ever since the latest update and probably also the one before but not as much as the latest. I minimize the Speccy window and let it run and check the temps once in a while. I notice sometimes that the temp reading are stuck at some numbers and no changes happen. At these times, closing the program still leaves it running in the task manager and it cant be killed giving an 'Access denied' message. As a result, I have to restart the computer to be able to run Speccy again. If there's more info I can provide please let me know.
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