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  1. I guess I got all that I could hope for. i still couldn't find my bookmarks. Oh well... I will say that this software is fantastic. After going through all this tedium I have checked multiple files of music, video, books and movies and all seem to work as if they were never formatted. I'm sure I will come across some files now and then that will be corrupted but overall I give Recuva a 10. i have retrieved/salvaged over 300 gbs of data. Next step is to reformat and hope I can prevent any dormant cells of that virus from reentering my pc!
  2. It seems that files of the same name will go in together in the same folder. That is, I have music and book files of the same size but with a different path name and they all go into the same folder. I am currently picking out just one of each to save to my ext drive. You are correct in your second point. But, so far at least, the files I choose to listen to or watch have been perfect. But again, it's hardly a valid sample quantity to know for sure. At this point all I really care about is giving it my best shot and I will live with the results. As soon as I get the books saved I plan to for
  3. Wow Alan. I can't Appreciate enough the time and effort you have provided! I am daunted by that... I have been going through things by file types, music, pics and it seems to be working well and not that tedious compared to the whole shebang at once. So far, I have recovered 219gbs of music and 54 gbs of pics. I will try the other categories one by one and see the results. One thing I would like to recover but don't know if I can cherry pick it is my mozilla bookmarks folder. As expected, this Recuva software works great. It even separates like files into the same folder. Something the softw
  4. So, what do I look for if a path is too long? I have music grouped by path and the first 60% was recoverable, but the rest of it exceeds the path length. A typical line is ACDC - TNT.mp3 C:\All from the old J file now\All Music\ACDC\MiscACDC While some of the ones that were accepted were much longer than this. So, what determines the path length?
  5. I've decided to group the data into music, photos etc and then click 'state' and then go block by block recovering it. I figure if I come across that error popup again I can find the culprit/s easier. Although I must admit, I don't know really how to go about discerning which file path is too long until I come to one.
  6. Whats the point of "It would be good to install Windows on a different HDD, and only connect the existing HDD as a secondary HDD (or external HDD) for reading/recovery." if I can't recover the data? Your suggestions do nothing to help in my current situation, ie. waiting and trying to figure out how to get this software to recover the checked data right now before the whole page disappears again.
  7. Nergal, I agree but many of those files probably have a path longer than what recuva needs. I have just spent 3-4 days again sorting and checking. I am beyond frustration and patience. I only went for music, movies, books and photos/videos. Never occured to me to get appData files. Am I wrong to assume that even though I am using this machine, that if a file has a green next to it and says excellent that it is recoverable? Can I group all the green files that I have selected into one group and then go through them? I would really like to get something back. Also, I just did a check of s
  8. What, and go through all those files again?? Nergal, that is what I've just finished doing after 3-4 days of work.
  9. Ok Ok Ok, I just finished, checked all the greens I could, checked the restore folder box, then clicked recover and got the 'maximum path length exceeded. I give up. I guess this just won't work. Is there a way to save what I have checked to try transferring it piecemeal, or am I SOL?
  10. I am almost done with the checking of boxes. I would like to know if there is something I must do before i click the recover button. Alan B 1. yes 2 yes 3 yes and yes Augeas, can I check Restore Folder Structure just before I click recover? You all have me worried now that while I sleep tonight the xp will run a defrag and disappear all my work...... And yes, I plan to send it to my external drive (3TB) and then format my pc again myself and then install windows xp home from my disc I purchased from MS last year. Then, I can install an AV(I get a free version of Norton from my intern
  11. HI. During the first attempt I got about halfway over a 5 or 6 day period. When I came home for work one night I sat down and the recuva screen was just gone. I went back to the site but I couldn't just ' pick up from where I had left off'. So I started another one. Now I have separated to where the greens are at the top and I am going through them checking what I hope to recover and also hoping that the screen just won't vanish on me again. Maybe there was a blackout while I was at work or something. I don't know if I save/recover (sending the data to my external drive) if I could find the s
  12. Hi. Thanks for responding. I'm feeling pretty down about this although I have noticed that most of my lost music, pics and movies are in the green...there is hope! So, instead of sending them to a folder in my external drive entitled 'recuva june 15 2013', I should just label that folder a single letter? Is the \ necessary? Yes, recovering only the greens. Not sure, I guess there are 206k total. I have not selected scan for non-deleted files. When should I do this...after the first scan(I did use the deep scan) or should I go back and rerun the scan also looking for the non-deleted fil
  13. I did indeed get it to group into colors, but get the same error message. Maybe block by block 100 at a time,,,1000 at a time would work? There are 206,421 files found.
  14. Ok, I scanned and tried to save it to my external drive but get the 'maximum path length exceeded' error. No option to choose or group only the green ones. I can get it to alphabetical or by date but nothing to organize it all into a large grouping. And then it still doesn't guarantee that the whole thing won't disappear again before I am done.
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