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  1. im not that good with computers so can you answer me this. if secure file deletion makes the file full of zeros like you say, then what is the difference between the amount of "passes" that it dose? it should all be the same. on that note what are those passes?
  2. no im talking about something like the clear content command on windows powershell https://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ee156808.aspx something like that. in secure file deletion mode the file can still be recovered so no thats not what i meant. i meant to clear the files contents before deleting the file itself.
  3. i had this idea, maybe a feature could ba added to ccleaner as an option: clear contents of files before deleating (files will be zero bytes after deleation and will not be recoverable!) this may eliminate the need for the driver wiper function for some comuters since in general, driver wiping is time and proccesor consuming not to mention the "low disc space" error that comes with it im saying that this should be an option. what do you think ?
  4. i was thinking maybe you can put a stronger engine so the program can run faster specifically on driver wiper
  5. not meny programs do this i dont know why please thank you
  6. can you please add a ram cleaning function? erases all ram compleatly so ram can be freed from non working programs thank you. me.net
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