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  1. Haven't used any of the above and haven't changed any settings from the default.I have been using cc for a long time and never had a problem till now, if i get a chance i will revert to a previous version and test again. Problem only started after upgrading from ver.3.28.1913 to 4.00.4064 at end of March
  2. Ericjmz same thing happened to me with itunes after running cc Took ages to figure it out but after having to restore itunes for the third time in as many days realised it was cc cleaner that was causing the problem. Restored Itunes again from scratch and then ran cc cleaner again to prove it and sure enough it had been wiped again. Unfortunately I found restoring itunes Library.itl doesn't work and even an exported library.xml wont restore your library properly from some reason after this. .
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