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  1. Hi Folks, I am now experiencing more problems with CCleaner as each time I launch the application I am advised to upgrade to Version: 100? when I go to download I am advised I have the latest version? Any Advice please? Thanks, Charliebach
  2. Hi Folks, Since updating to Catalina wipe free space will not start, after I put my Apple password in CCleaner just puts me back to password log in box. when? any thoughts on this please. Thanks, Charliebach.
  3. Hello Mjfuller, i would take the advice from nukecad also read the link he posted which makes good sense, I will only be using Zero or 1 pass from now on as this seems to be secure enough, Chasbach.
  4. Hello nukecad, Thanks for the reply much obliged to you, Chasbach.
  5. CCleaner Version: 1.17.60. Mac IOS 10.14.6. Hi Folks, I am currently utilising the "Wipe Free Space" utility with a 7pass run, this has been working for over two whole days so far is this correct to take so long? it has completed the 7 passes , is currently on "Creating A Secondary Temporary File" which is on its fifth pass. my hard drive is only 499 GB. any advice will be much appreciated. Thanks, Chasbach.
  6. Hello Folks, I have an apple mac mini, I have been trying to use erase free space option with CCleaner however it goes into a loop which states"operation terminated" whenever I try to use the Zero Out option the busy wheel shows and I am inable to get out of CCleaner . I thought it was working in the background so let it run for 24 hours-its still running? Have had to force reboot of the mac to stop it, Any advice will be appereciated. Thanks.
  7. Hello Andavari, Thanks for your response, in answer: I have Windows 7 and yes i have always used Guttman 35 pass mode which has never slowed up CCleaner before. have been using latest version for a week or so and have restarted lots of times.
  8. Hello, Since upgrading to the latest version the cleaning time has slowed to an incredible snails pace, takes hours? never had this problem before , always been superfast? whats gone wrong with this version ? anyone else having same problems, any advice would be much appreciated, Thanks.
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