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  1. I didn't cancel the job but it seems like I lost a lot of space? I deleted some files and not its on 11 GB and every time I run the cleaner now it uses space up instead of removing space? But when its finished it has space again but not as much as I originally had.
  2. So after clearing some disk space using the disk cleaner I was having a browse through the available features the program has and I clicked on "Tools" then "Drive Wiper" and I automatically assumed that this will wipe things off my disk for more free space. So I ran it and after the run which took like maybe an hour or so I looked at my disk and it didn't free up space? To my shock it used up more space instead!!! At first my disk space was about 17.6 GB/50.7 GB now its like 65 MB/50.7 GB???? How did this happen and how can I reverse this disaster!! I was having high hopes for this program as well :-( I had a browse through my program files in my local disk space and did disk cleanups but I couldn't find anything worth uninstalling or deleting!! Please help!!!!! Thanks if you do reply! x
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