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  1. @Alan_B I'm installed and reinstalled Windows 8 several times on numerous hardware configurations and once you get past the learning curve its actually much better than Windows 7. @hazelnut It is not listed in scheduled tasks. Is that all this option does? Automate the scheduled task trick we've been using for years?
  2. I'm using the latest 3.27.1900 now but I'm unsure if I had updated from the next version prior before refreshing.
  3. I recently refreshed my Window 8 Pro x64 install and had to reinstall CCleaner. However since my reinstall the Skip UAC option just pops up a warning that says "The parameter is incorrect." And I have to approve the UAC prompt on every boot. I have attached a screenshot of the error. I have used IOBIT uninstaller to remove and reinstall CCleaner and a few other things and nothing works.
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