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  1. I run Speccy 1.20.446 portable (fresh update with no INI file) on Windows 7 x64. It starts and begins to analyze... everything and everywhere. The problem is that this process never ends. And once I even received interesting message: "Cannot initialise SPC dll" (see e.g. http://forum.pirifor...showtopic=36971, http://forum.pirifor...showtopic=31732 etc) in couple of categories. Then I shut the window (or click File -> Exit) - there is no problem - but... the process is still running and I have to kill it with Task Manager... PS: long ago I used another version of Speccy on my machine
  2. Thanks a lot for your fast reply.
  3. So when you use your portable version on another PC, it is still registered, right?
  4. 1) I wonder if it is possible to have portable professional version of CCleaner (and other Piriform soft). When I buy the soft, I receive a License key, which I may use with portable version as well, is it right? 2) Upgrade button (In About menu) asks to enter personal license data. Where is it stored for portable version (registry / program folder / ...)?
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