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  1. Its very good indeed it has a couple of modes and found some malware and virus yes First rate we done the AVG and Avaria thing. we wont pay for an anti virus yes what can one say Sorry lost for words Do not know what to say about it really had it over 6 months I had it in my Imac then was told to not use anti virus in it because macs do not catch colds so I did.. The only thing I do not see the point of is it has an option to patch microsoft updates and quite honestly The laptops a computer and perfectly capable of doing this by its self me thinks. correct me if We're wrong other than that fine good tool.
  2. Hello Everybody Thank you so much for your responses Firstly We are using brand new 2TB seagate Hard drives bit over the top But we have a huge cd collections and we trying to convert everything to flac files. We have Two Maxell 500 Gb hard drives as well . After painstakingly writing our whistle problems out and then copying and pasting what I originally wrote into open office for spelling correction because for the life of it we can not get Firefox (37.o.2) to show spelling mistakes Then proof reading it when pasted in to forum then we decided to delete it and start again because we carried out further experiments checking leads. Still 3 laptops are all have the Heterodyne whistle when placing the music file into VLC or WMP. I stated That we copied and pasted a music file to the desktop and this seemed to do the trick. But did not still tell us why we had a whistle. We are fascinated to know how many others have it but for one reason or another have never noticed it. Can we reiterate please that if you give it a bash. to see. Please use headphones to listen. Ok: further developments your going to love this. After we closed down and turned this computer of my Sister was on the other computer. using Firefox browser 37. .0.2 In case anyone asks or its of importance. On you tube we of headphones running the New asus notebook we use as a google chrome device through Panasonic TV HDMI Cambridge Dac Magic into Roksan k2 amp and monitor audio S1 speakers . Hayley clicked on the video and the Heterodyne whistle started as the video loaded It was the same whistle we are getting on all three computers No hard drives in use this time. Interesting problem To say the least When things you think could not get more puzzling , transferd a couple of songs to mini disc via the hard drive and Cambridge Dac and Low and behold The mini disc finds the whistle audible to record and you hear that same Heterodyne whistle at the start and the finish of the track and if your aware of it on quite songs you can hear the whistle all the way through. Its not the Dac magic we eliminated by process of ilimination as the Dac does not get moved around from computer to computer nothing running in the background only windows explorer Andavari usb both 2TB are mains powerd maxell 2.0 usb Asgandy
  3. Portable hard drives. Heterodyne whistles while playing music files in WMP VLC Is there anyway to rectify this All three of our portable hard drives do this Drop a file into WMP or VLC Hetrodyne whistle stats and remains in the background right through the song and is apprent again as the song ends We Copied and pasted a music file to the desktop and drop the file in from there The problem does not arise So is this an anomoly with all portable hard drives because 3 of our's do it on all 3 of our computers Thanks
  4. We recently downloaded dbpoweramp We could not get the functions up we wanted. We read further through the forum and found we could not get the particular functions (CD Burner) to appear let alone run until we read the Instructions. to get the best out of the software you must run it on 32bit when all computers seem to be 64bit we did not know until today how to do this. By further reading. when you install dbpoweramp on a completely fresh install you must keep your finger on the right hand shift key this changes the installation to 32bit on this software Question we asking is is this method compatible with all software.
  5. Anyone using it. By goodness it deleates some files wondering if it deletes to many I see some mozilla vaccume files i never seen before being scrutinized and deleted and lot of those framework files if your not sure what We talking about http://bleachbit.sourceforge.net/ I also use wise registry cleaner to like the optimization thing it turns of page file the lap top loads really quick changed my AV to. from Avast to 360 total security but wont let that patch anything it seems a waste of time when windows does it Love CCcleaner. Thanks to the guys for making it. mine has a problem at present the cleaning buttons are both greyed out not functioning
  6. new versions of cccleaner app cleaning dept is not working at all both cleaning tabs on the bottom are not lit running a compaq computer with windows 7 working fine on win 8 on a accer note book and a second compaq computer in house also on the mac working fine Plot Thickens My problem started when i downloaded that CCleaner exstension thought i was being clever I never found it on my computer i think I have installed it. But do not know what it does
  7. can a brain box help me with this please. Dell inspiron 630m lap top XP when going to my music folder. Selecting An album . then pressing Play all. WMP will open and play the songs When i installed evidence eliminator. This one function stopped. after unistalling EE i found this function worked once more. I tried it a few times. Same result Whats the work around.. to solve this So my question is What file dose EE share with XP that stops me using the play all funtion in the music folder . Please. The Reason I use Evidence Eliminator Is when you do the wipe the drive . I can go to sleep and let the computer put it self to sleep After. EE done its Job or just walk away. I just wish CCcleaner had this function. Be perfect then
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