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  1. My point is that Microsoft does not want users inside the ........\AppData folder and so unless you tell your file manager to display hidden folders, it won't be seen. And CCleaner does not display hidden folders when you're trying to add one as an option to be cleaned. I wish it would.
  2. The Russian search engine Yandex has copied Google and released its own Chromium-based browser, called simply YaBrowser. Using it (it supports English) is very similar to using Chrome but naturally the history, cookies etc are kept in its own folders. Any chance of CCleaner natively supporting the erasure of this browser's history, cookies etc?
  3. A moment ago I had 723 entries in my Opera 12.12 favicons folder, giving a complete history of where I'd used this browser since I last manually cleaned it out about 2 months ago. I would add this folder to CCleaner myself, but because the AppData folder is "hidden" :-) in Windows 7, CCleaner won't allow it.
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