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  1. Good News A company called cleverbridge has refunded my money. I will try this agian and hope i can get what i paid for. It is interesting that it went to an email account that i hardly ever use. If i had not of checked i would still be bitching.
  2. I have learned in life that Free is not what you imagined it to be:)
  3. I was buying the download for professional use for my home it is for 24.95 it requires a registration key I never recieved it.
  4. I think this is great. However there seems to be failure among customer service and support. I odered this for my home computer on the 12-3-12 and never recieved registration key so i could not download . Wells Fargo Has proof that piriform took the money. When i called customer service i spoke to someone in Dallas who assured me that support would contact me and that i would get an email confirmingthat a refund has happen. this was to happen yesterday 12-10-12. Today is the 11th I would like for piriform to fix this so that tyou can maintain the high priase you feel you deserve.
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