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  1. The 36 lines of code quote came later after you first committed the heinous developer crime of initially dismissing a reasonable user suggestion and request immediately out of hand only to find that the user was in fact also an experienced developer who then addressed all of your criticisms and concerns enough to make an ass of your initial ill-considered remarks. I would suggest that you address the lack of people skills this displays or else find yourself a different job that might agree with you more since I would be more than happy to take yours... I would apologise however if I may have hit a raw nerve over the code quality issue as I do understand that nothing else riles some developers (egos) more than mentioning this and I should also have known better had I perhaps not let my insider developer experience overwhelm my own people skills here a little also haha ;-) Life is too short and you are sounding a little depressed here: So please be well and prosper my challenging friend!
  2. Again we will have to agree to disagree as I see that option as needlessly slow, and potentially wasteful of disk life and even data integrity. There is a small but not insignificant risk that an OS or other crash or failure at this time of needless overwrite cleaning by CCleaner may lead to the inadvertent erasure of adjacent sectors in the case of such an event. I would be a little less concerned if it were the OS performing this service rather than an application but these risks are the same should for example power ever go down during such a disk (over)write. :-) I wish to overwrite to clean before deletion for just those particularly sensitive files for which I choose to do so and not continually all the time as I have explained. Addition of this feature would entirely eliminate the need for other secure deletion applications such as "Eraser" and like I said 2 to 3 dozen lines of code tops assuming an originally well written and modular application. Out of interest it appears another utility I use - "Send To Toys" - does apparently perform this service on a Send To Recycle Bin whilst holding down the CTRL Key "Send To "Recycle Bin" sends a file or files to the Recycle Bin. Hold down the CTRL key to perform a file shredding." Presumably a one pass overwrite which I will have to test...
  3. Very simple: You Delete files as you normally would which then wind up in the Recycle Bin. You then Securely Empty the Recycle Bin for confidential files which triggers a one-pass overwrite by CCleaner before deletion so that critical confidential private data is not left lying around on disk. Windows regular Recycle Bin Empty operation doesn't actually touch and clear file contents which lie scattered but intact on disk and even the cluster chain association and order of those pieces is readily recoverable to prying eyes with a utility like Piri's very own Recuva! Doh!! CCleaner already has all of this functionality and securely wipes disks (which I am also about to do before repurposing). All that is actually needed are the two menus options I mentioned and probably no more than a couple of dozen lines of code... Enabling the Secure CCleaner mode is both very slow and continually wears out your disk unnecessarily (but I am not complaining - it can be left as is for those that wish to use it). I would much prefer to use my Securely Empty Recycle Bin when I need to and just occasionally do a free space wipe for the whole disk with CCleaner or another tool. Make sense now? Different stroke for different folks.
  4. Damn I just blew my all my typing away! Talk about secure erasure this is what I just got and what I want so you'll have to read between the lines for this new feature. All the one pass overwrite functionality is already built in to CCleaner but is slow and needless to erase all files and not just those chosen in the bin already with a third Recycle Bin Context Menu Item and another Checkbox Item in the CCleaner Configuration Menu. There! that's it!! and I can get rid of Eraser for one utility that can do it all! Got it? I ain't typing the hard sell all over again but please go guys and do it because it is both such an easy and useful tweak to actually do!
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