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  1. Thank you, The change worked. Thank you, the change worked.
  2. CCleaner is very efficient Heath Check is not. Get rid of Health Check or at least provide a means to turn it off.
  3. When I run CCleaner, Windows, Analyze it Skips: Google Chrome - Internet Cache Google Chrome - Internet History Google Chrome - Cookies Why does it skip these items? KCav
  4. I would like to prepare my system disk for backup by running CCleaner, followed Windows Update and then Defraggler. I would like to make a script file so that with "One Click" I could run them one after another and my disk made ready for Backup. Can someone help me configure CCleaner so it would run start to finish without needing any manual intervention. KCav
  5. I would like to express my appreciation for the good advice given about how to prepare a disk for backup. Here is my revised plan. I would appreciate your comments. 1. Custom configure CCleaner: a) specify cookies to keep b ) specify files to remove c) select folders and registry entries that CCleaner should exclude from removing Run CCleaner manually every night before shutting down the system 2. Custom configure Defraggler: a) move large files to end of drive during whole drive defrag b ) don’t move large files during Defrag Freespace Run Defraggler when adding/deleting programs 3. Schedule a Microsoft Security Essentials Full scan to run every M,W,F night 4. Once a month run SUPERAntiSpyware, Malwarebytes, Acronis System Cleaner, AVG Registry Optimizer; do not run simultaneouly, do not clean. a) print list of files reported as dangerous b ) Google file name to see if others have problems with a file c) adjust CCleaner custom settings Again, thank you for your help, and please send me comments on my revised plan. CCleaner is very efficient. I plan to make extensive use of it. Still chewing on how to position small files for optimal disk performance. KC.
  6. I saved CCleaner.ini as CCleamer.txt Thank you. KC
  7. My heart is strangely warmed when I read No Errors Detected and see my hard drive has Zero defragmentation. I think my emotionality would be less strong if I knew how to proactively detect errors and create log files that identified the sequence and files causing the problem, but all I know is how to run cleaners that sometimes clean excessively. I love running Defraggler. I love CCleaner too. I want to learn what content to put into CCleaners Advanced options under (1) Custom files to delete and folders to empty feature, and (2) Select cookies you want to keep function. I have checked Save all files to ini file. I think I’m on track and soon will reassess what it means to over clean, and become a pragmatic liberal.
  8. "not responding" ........ There was a time, it seems like only yesterday when "not responding" would appear on my screen. It came, and it went, I couldn't perminetly get rid of it. That was when I became a keep a clean system addict. Last night I left SUPERAntiSpyware, Malwarebytes, and Microsoft Security Essentials all running simultaneously. This morning I looked at my screen and found run time was about 2 hours. There were no problems detected except for 22 Tracking Cookies detected by SUPERAntispyware. I clicked Remove and then I ran CCleaner. It ran quickly and found a few temporary files and removed them. Then I checked CCleaners Startup feature. i did not find any programs other than those I had setup. Next I started Defraggler. I thought about having a cup of Heavenly Brewed Sunshine but decided to go back to sleep. When I got up Defraggler had completed defragging and my disk was in Good condition. I clicked on Display files to see which files were not contigouous. There were two big system files and lots of small ones. On the drive map I placed my cursor over sectors that had fragmented files in them. Then I checked the defrag field and all the files were checked, and I clicked degrag. Sometimes the degragment routine aborted. When this happened I unchecked the System files and ran degrag again, until i completed. Then I ran degrag on the whole disk for a second time. I have zero framentation. I'm off to have breakfast now, when Iget back would like to disuss What does over clean mean. KC
  9. I checked the Advanced option to create ini fie. I have CCleaner.ini stored in same folder as CCleaner.exe. Where should I store CCleaner.ini ? I have a secondary internal hard drive? KC
  10. I tried to remove the CMOS battery from my notebook. On my desktop, slide off the case and the battery is visible. Not so on this notebook. I removed about 1/2 dozen screws and still couldn't find the CMOS battery. KC
  11. Problem solved; default settings restored, CCleaner is nolonger wiping free space. Question - after I develope a customize CCleaner for my PC - how do I protect my configuration from problems like this ?
  12. I believe you. I think CCleaner is design to provide a sensible answer not insight suspision of an impending carastrophy like these other cleanes and optimizers. I want to fine tune my use of CCleaner. I plan to run Microsft Security Essentials Full Scan, CCleaner, and Defraggler automatically at night. Does that sound sensible? And in addition once a month manually update and run Malwarebytes and SuperAntSpyware.
  13. I have run CCleaner in normal mode for several months. It takes a couple of minutes, but I decided to experiment. I changed two settings. I checked Advance, and the option that makes 3 deletion passes, and also I checked Wipe Empty Disk space. It took several hours to complete these tasks. I decided it wasn't necessary and unchecked both options, and rechecked Normal. Guess what happened? It keeps spending an hour wiping empty disk space. Why dosn't it stop doing this? I rebooted the system, and ran CCleaner again, no change. So I uninstalled CCleaner, and then down loaded and reinstalled CCleaner. It still Wipes empty disk space. What could cause this? What should I do?
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