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  1. NTFS drives will have a file operation log in the main directory, $LogFile - perhaps CC could optionally wipe it, too?
  2. There's this program, The Bat, that makes log files for every e-mail account that the user creates in it. These are just the things that ask for deletion, so I wanted to add this to winapp2.ini, but I couldn't... The Bat creates its directory in Program Files\The Bat!\ and there it creates subdirectories named MAIL# - and there, inside, it creates subdirectories named after the user's accounts, depending on how the user names them... so the thing to do is to enter Program Files\The Bat!\ and recursively delete *.log in all subdirs from there. I tried this: FileKey1=%ProgramFiles%\The Bat!\*.log|RECURSE and this: FileKey2=%ProgramFiles%\The Bat!|*.log|RECURSE but they didn't work. :-\
  3. I think when the secure erasing is selected, CC should also do this when wiping a file: - clean the file's cluster tip / slack space (that's the most important one) - scramble the file name, date, etc. - perhaps also erase the alternate data stream if it exists (although I guess adding that could be too much hassle) That's really secure file deleting. Of course there are tons of erasers that do that, but the point is that when a user gives the task of secure deleting of some files to CC, CC should do the task securely on its own.
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