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  1. The remaining time was at 1 minute for 8 hours straight. It never changed. It never went up. I don't think it HAS to be 100% accurate, just maybe semi-accurate and change every now and then. It did for the first half, but afterwards it basically went to crap. I assume the remaining time could update more often? I really don't think it should have stayed at 1 minute for 8 hours straight. I'm sorry for the late reply, I never got an email from responses.
  2. So, I'm defragging a terabyte hard drive that has 69% used. It has said 'Remaining time: 1 minute' for about 30+ minutes already. Why isn't the remaining time accurate? Is it possible for you guys to work on making that a bit more accurate? Also forgot to mention that currently, its at 54% complete. Still displays 1 minute.
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