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  1. I'm on Win8.1 64 bit and on CCleaner v4.15.4725 (64 bit) Pro. When I click <Run Cleaner> it does its job and for System - Empty Recycle Bin it shows that 685MB and 122 files were deleted. When I open the Recycle Bin in Windows it is empty. When I execute <Run Cleaner> again, the same cleaning results show up again. When I view CCleaner's detailed results the exact same files show up. This started to happen on v4.13, and the patch to v4.15 did not make a change. Can you please provide a solution?
  2. I found the solution to this same problem that I suffered from, until now. I am on Windows 7 Ultimate 32bit. Right-click the shortcut icon. Go to Properties. Go to tab Compatibility. Section 'Privilege Level' has a tick for "Run this program as an administrator", even though Properties, Shortcut, Advanced is unticked for "Run as administrator". (This must be a Windows feature:-) This tick for "Run this program as an administrator" is greyed out. Click on the button below it <Change settings for all users>. Now the tick can be cleared, and your standard account will get cleaned. I would not have found it without the prior conversations, so thanks for the contributions! Hope this works for you too!
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