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  1. @ hazelnut: if i untick the windows mediaplayer running cclenaer quickly, except the logfile problem @ aviwil: when I boot in safe mode, the same problem. I have 3 hard drives, only one is partitioned into C and D. "C" is the system partition and has 80 GB. To uninstall the Windows Mediaplayer look here: http://www.techtask.com/windows/windows-media-player-12-in-windows-7-deinstallieren/ an use the google Translator
  2. ok, I checked the hard drive, no errors. I install an old version, the same problems. I think the problem here is: CCleaner scans for Windows.log. Windows.log = 0 KB. CCleaner can not delete 0 KB file. CCleaner can not skip windows.log search. CCleaner search for windows mediaplayer. Windows MediaPlayer has been deleted 14 days ago. CCleaner can not skip the windows media player search. he looks about 10 minutes the media player, only then can the search continued. In the Attachment the Hardware and a Scrennshot from the Search Hardware.pdf
  3. It has not changed anything as admin. I also have the same problem with the Windows Media Player. CCleaner checks too slow, but I have absolutely no media player anymore, I have uninstalled it last week
  4. Thanks for your Answer. OK, now the antivirus software is turned off, and I select the normal file deletion. But for 10 minutes CCleaner hangs on the WindowsUpdate.log. See Picture 1: And the WindowsUpdate.log has 0 KB and is empty ....
  5. Hello and sorry for my English. If I clean with ccleaner, which takes the Windows log files looking for a very long time. about 15 min. and then finds cc cleaner only small files. How can I speed up the search? greeting Sauerkraut22 Win 7 Ultimate 64 CCCleaner 3.22.1800
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