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  1. My apologies company Piriform. It seems that CCleaner is not to blame for the stopped of the camera on the tablet HP Slate 2. The authorized HP service in Croatia found that one to run Windows service blocks the camera working. Everything is explained here: http://h30434.www3.h.../1789941#M52806 PS. Nergal, can I use Your attached registry.txt file on post 3 with extension changing on .reg, like restore registry data for HP Slate 2 ? Thanks and regards
  2. I have some time before posted on HP Support forum HP Support forum. Strange is this, all drivers (include cameras) work properly after using CCleaner, But i have check more time, cameras stopped work after install and run CCleaner, no other applications. I dont know, maybe HP tablets work on some other principe from other win7 PCs. Exact is after that, I run HP cameras aplication, it runing, runig few minute and show cameras pictogram with "slash" .look on picture http://imageshack.us...a201206241.jpg/ http://imageshack.us...a201206241.jpg/ Regards PS I always use latest version CCleaner, and You not tell me, after step 4.running CCleaner, on your HP Slate, did work both camera, front and rear ?
  3. Not, a wasnt wipe free space never, because this too much long time last.
  4. I use CCleaner for many years, and on different computers. And it never caused any, and the slightest mistake or problem. But, after using the tablet HP Slate 2, two months ago, CCleaner was devastated of both cameras on this computer device. Because I've never had a problem all these years with CCleaner, I was not made a registry backup and cannot make recovery. But Windows system recovery is not passed repair the camera, and I had to send the computer for the third time in service, because the first two times they could not reveal the CCleaner cause of destruction tablet HP Slate 2 cameras. Please get rid of it in the system fault, that it no longer happens, because it cost me very much money. Regards from Croatia. (Google Translate)
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