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  1. Ok I read the documentation, but I want to make sure I can do what I want. 1. Can I run RP to find just my documents first and then go back and look for photos. 2.) How do I keep RP from overwriting my HD or files. My main concern, I do not want it to overwrite anything, maybe in case I have to search again at a later time. 2.) Is it better to run RP from a wizard standpoint or deep scan. (your opinion) I understand what both do. 3.) And is there anything that I can do just so I see tyhe green files that are good, if it is unrecoverable I don't want to see it. Thank you
  2. Well I am going to start to recover some files. First my documents. Then my photos. What is the best or correct way to achieve getting all my files, can I do the documents first and then the photos. Or do I have to do everything I want at once. How can I get the best or good files to open so I don't have the painstakingly task of clicking on every file I want to recover. I used Recuva Free once, I thought maybe Professional does more for me. Please let me know what to do. I haven't even registered it with the license in my email yet. Thank you. Please if you know what to do exactly, I would ap
  3. well thank you everyone, i think i got it. i recovered my photos into a folder of their own, left Recuva open. at the top then went to music and recovered them to another folder of their own, and have to do documents now. thank you for the advice and help
  4. So what i am after I assume, it is best if i recover all my photos and send them to a specific folder, then go back and recover documents send them to another folder and then send my music files to another folder. When i do recover all the files, i am just trying to cut down on going through the recover file and sorting out everything.
  5. I am using Recuva free, only because I don't know if the paid version would do any better. What i want to do is find my documents first, .odt, pdf is mostly what i used. and i want to know is there a way that i can get these files first and only these files. then i want to do mp3 files and those only, then photos and those only so that when i recover them, i can recover them and put them in a file by their specific files. is there a way to do this.
  6. thank you for your help,greatly appreciated
  7. 1.) I used Recuva because i got a virus using a program called " Oh Dont Forget" and anyway i ran the Recuva tool and got the message that i got above,how do i get around this 2.) If i may ask another question too and keep this simple,does Recuva overwrite files everytime i run it making it harder to find files,and if so why isnt there a button to or choice to disable overwriting files.Isnt that the opposite of what recover is trying to do.It would be nice to have a seperate tool for overwriting files that i dont want anymore,but why would you set your program up to overwrite files when its
  8. It would be nice if you could add a library to your website as to what jpeg is or what all the different abbreviatons meant for each.or if you know where i can find something on the internet that will tell me what each abbreviation stands for.
  9. When you go and choose what items you want Recuva to find you either have to choose one or all,how about changing the selection list from using small boxes to check marks,i dont want to find all files but i want to check off pictures,documents and videos.right now i can only do videos or documents or pictures or i have to choose all.well i am assuming most of the files that arent recoverable or things like compressed files and when i use all i see alot of things that i didnt want to find again,so when i have them go into a default folder i have to go through everything and weed out what i dont
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