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  1. Dear friends, Among half a ton of old equipment I found a 5th generation iPod; completely dead and broken screen. I opened it and grabbed hold of the 60GB HDD, hoping I could recover all my more than 15 year old music *.mp3's. Searching for an adapter from the ribbon type connection to a USB I found the ZHEINO 1.8 USB 2.0 external box PATA 1,8 ZIF (40 pin) and sure enough, it is recognized as a drive on my Windows 10 PC USB connection. Problem is (as expected), that Windows does not recognize what's in the new external USB HDD. So the question is, what program will be able to "translat
  2. I want to purchase a home user licence, but need to know if the licence is valid for a lifetime or not and since I have three different computers if I can install CCLEANER on all three computers Thanks and best regards Spanishflyer
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