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  1. oh so i've been using the secure deletion all this time for nothing..that's cool ha
  2. since the secure deletion is slower does it find more files or no?
  3. so is there really any point in me doing the secure deletion?
  4. whats the difference between the normal file deletion and the secure deletion?
  5. my operating system is windows 7 home premium, my default browser is google chrome, it seems to take awhile on the google cache. like i said i've got it on secure file deletion:simple overwrite (one pass). i've always used the secure deletion: simple overwrite option and it's never taken this long.
  6. the last few times i used the registry cleaner it screwed up my hp support assistant and god knows what else so it wouldnt work properly anymore. so i had to to do the system restore to fix the problem. i havent used it since that was about (3-4 updates ago). im not a brainimac about computer stuff but i assumed if i did the registry cleaner it would find problems not list stuff that would screw something up.
  7. i've used ccleaner for awhile now and ever since i updated it to version 3.21 it's taken forever to finish. it's never taken this long i got it on secure file deletion simple overwrite but still it's never ttaken this long. is it a bad update or something?
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