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  1. I just ran a CCleaner after exiting the process for RoboForm in the systray and guess what? No error at all! No issue with IE as it's totally uninstalled from my laptop. I will run that, thanks. You're probably right as just before I exited RoboForm from the systray, it tells me exactly what I'm running including uTorrent, which isn't part of Firefox. I think we may have nailed it here. I was trying hard to think whether this issue occured around about the same time I started using RoboForm and I think it may of been the case. Just on the off chance, can anyone recommend a good altern
  2. I thought as much. Might just have to ditch Roboform completely. I did remove them one by one as stated above, so still got the errors and that was after RoboForm was removed. Is this one the devs can look into at all?
  3. Well, I've established it is definitely something to do with Firefox. I completely uninstalled Firefox and removed anything to do with Mozilla/Firefox from my laptop. I then installed Chrome. Ran CCleaner a good few times and no crashes. I then re-installed Firefox with the basics (no extensions, add-ons) and CCleaner ran fine on the one occasion (probably should of tested it a few times). CCleaner ran fine with no errors. I then imported my old bookmarks & passwords and added my only 2 extensions Ad Block Plus & RoboForm. Ran CCleaner and it crashed with the same error. I'd stick
  4. It's not Super Anti Spyware as I've only installed that in the last few days and the errors with CCleaner have been dragging on for a while now. I can't see it being MSSE either as I've never had any issues before running CCleaner along with MSSE. It is an odd one, but I'm pretty sure that this started after a Firefox update a while back. I might unistall Firefox and go with Chrome for a few days (I never, ever use IE9) just to see what happens. In the mean time, I'll wait to see if anyone here has any other ideas. Thanks for all your help so far.
  5. Installed Vacuum places improved. Exited Firefox and just before I ran CCleaner, I ran Process Explorer, just to make sure there was nothing Mozilla related running. Ran CCleaner and it crashed. Process Explorer Log attached & dmp file from latest crash can be found here System Idle Process(preCClean).txt What about a complete fresh install of Firefox? My bookmarks were taken from a backup of my bookmarks on my old laptop before it got stolen, via Firefox Sync.
  6. I'll be willing to try anything that gets this little annoyance sorted. I had to use Recuva today as I had accidentally deleted some Tones from my iTunes folder whilst moving them onto my NAS drive. Now, Firefox wasn't running at the time at all. It crashed again. There were quite a lot of files to delete. I guess this log won't tell you anything different, but I'll try the above and we'll see how things go. Thanks. Log -Edit- Sorry, I forgot to add this dmp file here
  7. Downloaded and installed. Thanks for that as I was looking for something like this late last night.
  8. Thanks again. I will try this in the morning and update. 96 processes is a lot, but it's not making my laptop run slow so theres no need to panic yet. I've removed some Windows services that are not needed anyway. Thanks again Nergal, I just hope we can get this sorted out soon. -Edit- Got it running in debug mode. I can see a log file in the CCleaner folder now. I will upload that one and another one as soon as I notice a crash (if I notice one). Thanks again. -Edit 2- Ran it just before I was logging off and it crashed. Can't attach log as I'm not permitted. However, I have u
  9. Hi Nergal, thanks for that. I followed the instruction exactly to the letter via that link and it doesn't seem to want to play ball. Win7 Home Premium 64 Bit Start > Run> (typed) C:\Program Files\CCleaner\CCleaner64.exe/debug and I get: Windows cannot find 'C:\Program'. Make sure you typed the name correctly and then try again.
  10. It's an installed CCleaner not portable. Error still appears if I run CCleaner "normally". Not tried it without unchecking Recycle Bin. However, a point to note is that when I uncheck Internet History for Mozilla under the Applications tab, I don't get the error at all. Language is in English. I agree it's a lot of processes running. However, my start up is very minimal. I feel as though Nero and Seagate Software (NAS Drive) has added to that quite recently. I'll look into BookMarkDav and try stopping that process before cleaning and updating with a result. I will also look into cu
  11. -Update- Everything went fine until I closed Firefox (Safe Mode), deleted some files and ran CCleaner and then I got the same error again. Running CCleaner whilst Firefox (Safe Mode) was open didn't show any errors. I only ran CCleaner to clear my Recycle Bin out. Just attached screenshots of whats running in my processes after closing Firefox.
  12. Firefox 14.0.1 default install. I'm trying Firefox in Safe Mode as we speak so I will update you with that information as and when I get it. As I have previously mentioned, I've had never had any issues with CCleaner, but now that you mention Firefox, this issue has arose since the last couple of Firefox updates (can't put an exact timescale on it). Prior to that CCleaner worked fine. I'm also wondering if Roboform might be an issue? Anyway, let me run it in Safe Mode for a while and I will update you shortly. Thanks again.
  13. Allow me to clear this one up immediately. I appreciate the time and effort volunteers, mods and admins put in on not only these forums, but other forums I frquent. I too am an admin on a very popular gaming forum so I know what it feels like at time. My comment was in NO WAY meant to be "snippy" and I think that you have simply misconstrued what I have typed as being snippy towards you (which is easily done on any online forum as you are losing vocal/face to face contact). Let me re-assure you again, this isn't/wasn't the case. I appreciate your help and I appreciate you going out of your way
  14. Yes, I looked at that answer and it's still the same. The recycler has everything to do with it, as when I have deleted files in my recycle bin, I use the Run CCleaner option to empty the recycle bin.
  15. Yep, after upgrading CCleaner to 3.21 and following the above, it's still doing the same. I also re-booted with files in my recycle bin and upon logging back in I ran CCleaner and again got the error. Used this program for ages without any issues, this has just started recently (couple of months). It's just an annoyance more than anything. There are alternatives out there, but nothing comes close to CCleaner and I'm hoping for a fix.
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