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  1. I am running the program in English. I tried what you asked but, now instead of showing any cleaned files, CCleaner is showing the Google Internet Cache as "skipped". The only reason I made that statement was because every time I looked at a post that was related to mine, the replies would be in links to other posts and I just didn't want any more confusion. Also, I tried to give as much information as possible, including all the solutions I have tried so nobody's time would be wasted.
  2. It's been a month and I don't know if it was a recent ccleaner update or chrome update, but suddenly ccleaner is not deleting any information from google chrome. Sometimes, when I use ccleaner right after closing chrome, a pop-up box asks to force-close Google chrome. I have clicked yes every time but nothing has happened. I have changed the settings in Google chrome so that none of the plug-ins are running in the background and none of that cloud print junk is enabled either. Furthermore, I have used task manager to close any lingering extensions of google chrome. Also, whenever ccleaner finishes its scan, the results show that a bunch of Google chrome files have been deleted, but when I open Google chrome nothing has been deleted. The history is still intact and so are the cookies. I have already read most of the posts related to this issue and have tried all of the suggested solutions. Either these solutions don't work or I have already tried them. Please look into this. My CCleaner version is: v3.18.1707 (64-bit) My Google Chrome version is: v19.0.1084.46 PC Specs: Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit SP1 Intel Core i5-2410M 2.30 GHz 8.0 GB RAM Radeon HD Graphics
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