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  1. Quote - "Wiping 35 times, a la Gutmann, is a waste of time" .Well,that's your opinion !. I'd previously tried the single & 7 pass driver wipes,that's why i contacted Piriform in the first place,neither of those wiped anything. As for 'did i wipe the MFT' - look at the title of this thread. Only when i'd used the Gutman process to wipe the MFT,did i get any result at all.That's why it's so very puzzling as to why one single file name should remain after all the other's have been wiped - they were all (presumably) in the same place,within the MFT. I agree that all the Excel entries 'should'
  2. A few months ago,i re-hashed several Excel files that i'd created,mostly to do with on-line banking & billing,none of these contained info.useable by anybody. I copied much of the old files onto the new ones & then used 'File Shredder' to shred the old files.I ran 'Recuva' to see what it could recover,& there were the file names of all the Excel files that i'd 'Shredded'. Ok,that's fine,the info. within the fies was gone - period !,but suppose one of the files was called 'My £ million bank account' ( i wish !),then the very fact that the file name remains,would indicate to a 'per
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