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  1. Hi guys, sorry I dropped out for a few weeks there Just came back to report that I tried using Speccy again recently and everything is fine. I recently expanded my RAM from 4GB 1066MHz to 8GB 1333MHz (4x2GB), and also upgraded my CPU from AMD Athlon II X2 250 3.0GHz to a Phenom II X4 945 3.0GHz. Not sure if either upgrade was the fix, but I am happy to have Speccy working again, it is a great little program. Apologies for maybe sounding a little bitter in my initial post, I know it's not really cool to get an attitude about a free piece of software not working properly. Cheers EDIT: I just tried launching Speccy and monitoring RAM usage on the task manager, there was a point while analysing that it shot up to ~5.5GB, so maybe the RAM expansion was what really helped, which would be concurrent with LikeASomebody's observation.
  2. Hi there I am having exactly the same issue, on Windows 7 Home Premium 64bit. I also had the same problem arise with 1.15.(?) after I had used it several times with no issue. I uninstalled it, got the latest version (, and get the same thing every time I try to run it. I tried running debug mode (checked all boxes) and kind of the same thing happened: Speccy opened, identified the OS, but then just whirred on with no further result. After a little while my computer locked up, though it was only for a matter of 10 seconds or so, but once it 'unlocked' it ran very very sluggishly. After 5-10 minutes I shut down Speccy, and it took another few minutes after that for my PC to operate at normal speed. It might be worth mentioning that I think this started happening after I overclocked my CPU, but I have no problems with any other applications... I'm not sure what UAC elevated means. I tried 'run as admin': no joy. I don't know what WMI service is, or what the portable version of Speccy is. Hopefully you guys can sort this out, I really like this program, but currently it is worse than useless to me. May as well be a 'run BSOD' application :/
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