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  1. well like I said, I had no problems with it untill I did that... Maybe I put waaayyyy too much stress on it with 3 passes? Just doesnt make sense to me because I did that on my old computers HDD... Im actually on the computer right now playing SWTOR just fine... I get a windows pop up message saying its detected a disk error and asks me if I want to start the backup process or ask me later... I dunno... Maybe I just need to buy a new one
  2. Its 1T soo... 1T I guess?? 3 passes... I used to do the same thing on my old computer with a older HDD and had no issues
  3. So i used CC cleaners "Wipe Free Space" option about a week ago. First time ive used it. I let it run while i went to bed. When I woke up, My screen told me that I needed to enter boot media into the boot device, or select another boot device.... I could not get passed this screen... So I just did a hard shutdown. When I started up my computer again, I went into my BIOS and noticed that my Hard drive wasnt even being detected. I freaked out thinking my hard drive died or something. Eventually I got it to boot from my HDD again. But now I always get an error "S.M.A.R.T. Status Bad, Backup and
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