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  1. Dxdiag shows approx. 1696 MB but on Speccy it's 429465308 MB? P.S. Sorry typo on the topic title should be "Inaccurate"
  2. Thanks. If ever you need me to pm my IP please tell me so(cause i just registered this new account, my previous account is q231 which i couldn't remember the password) EDIT: As of editing this post just updating that i'm still browsing via hidemyass.com
  3. I'm currently browsing this forum under a proxy network. Like my topic says i can't access this forum because i'm currently blocked from viewing this site.. It was fine 3 days ago and now i can't access this forum... I assume that i'm caught in one of your spam blockers... though i don't know how that happen cause i just access this to get updates. Please take a look at this matter thanks...
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